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By Berkshire Podiatry Center
January 05, 2018
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Heel pain is a common condition that often begins mildly and slowly increases in severity over time. Before you know it, the heel pain that heel painonly bothered you every once in a while could keep you from doing the most simple tasks, like walking. Find out more about heel pain and how your foot doctor can help with Berkshire Podiatry Center with locations in Wyomissing and Morgantown, PA.

What causes heel pain? 
Heel pain is a general term for a large variety of conditions. Pain concentrated in the heel area of the foot can come from many different causes, including:

  • plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Achilles tendon rupture
  • heel spurs
  • neuropathy
  • bursitis
  • arthritis
  • stress fracture

Diagnosing Heel Pain 
Diagnosing heel pain will begin with a consultation with your podiatrist. The consultation will serve as a time to gather information on your symptoms, experiences, family and medical history, and other investigative information like lifestyle choices or diet. Your doctor may also assess your gait or the way you walk. If necessary, an X-ray may be useful in examining the bones and connective tissues within the foot. A physical examination allows your podiatrist to visually assess your foot and search for any abnormalities or deformities immediately obvious from the outside. If you have heel pain which is very severe, you cannot move or bend your foot, or have a fever or numbness, you should seek immediate medical care.

Heel Pain Treatments in Wyomissing and Morgantown, PA
Treating heel pain varies from patient to patient and depends on the severity of the pain, its cause, and any underlying conditions which may contribute to it. Often, your podiatrist may first recommend the RICE method (rest, ice, compression, elevation). This helps to encourage the body’s natural healing abilities. However, in some cases, more in-depth treatments may better suit the condition. If more conservative methods fail, your podiatrist may suggest a brace worn on the foot, customized orthotics worn inside the shoe or even surgery.

For more information on heel pain, please contact Berkshire Podiatry Center with locations in Wyomissing, PA, and Morgantown, PA. Call (610) 373-4154 to schedule your appointment in Wyomissing and (610) 286-6340 to schedule your appointment in Morgantown today!