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By Berkshire Podiatry Center
November 05, 2018
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Over 77 percent of Americans complain of foot pain according to the American Podiatric Medical Association. It’s one of the main reasonsfoot pain why patients finally make the decision to visit the podiatrist’s office for a checkup. As it grows worse, foot pain can become debilitating and disabling, which is why it’s important to get treatment as early as possible. A foot doctor at Berkshire Podiatry in Morgantown and Wyomissing, PA will be able to diagnose the cause of your foot pain and suggest a number of helpful treatment options.

Common Foot Pain Causes
Foot pain has a number of potential causes, but in many cases, it is related to repetitious actions or lifestyle choices that negatively impact the feet over time. For instance, if you choose to walk long distances each day wearing uncomfortable high heels, this puts a strain on the heels and arch. Patients who are athletes but neglect to properly stretch their feet often develop foot pain. Some patients have foot deformities that become painful, like bunions.

Foot Pain Treatments
The process of relieving foot pain includes identifying the cause of the strain, healing the affected ligaments or muscles, and managing discomfort with medication. These are some of the treatments that your Berkshire Podiatrist at Morgantown or Wyomissing may recommend:

- An x-ray to check the bones, joints, and tendons in the feet.
- Ice packs applied to swollen areas of the feet.
- Foot wrapping or splinting.
- Orthotic supports.
- Corticosteroid injections to manage pain.

Controlling Foot Pain
Foot pain can be kept under control if you pay more attention to your feet. Here are a few ways you can minimize future instances of foot pain:

- Take time off your feet to allow them to heal, and elevate them in a comfortable position.
- Treat yourself to a gentle foot rub every now and again, accompanied by a warm soak.
- Use your prescribed orthotic devices daily.
- Invest in shoes that will cushion, protect, and support your feet throughout the day.

Happy Feet, Happy Patient
Foot pain doesn’t have to be a daily distraction. Get treated by a foot doctor at Berkshire Podiatry Center in Morgantown and Wyomissing, PA. Call today to schedule a visit.