Diagnostic Ultrasound

Certain foot or ankle problems are diagnosed with a pain-free diagnostic ultrasound.

This procedure is often used to diagnose tendon and muscle tears, hematomas, abscesses, tumors, neuromas, thrombophlebitis, fluid accumulation, and acute rupture of Achilles tendon.

Muscle, tendon, ligament and blood vessel issues can be diagnosed using this procedure.

A darkened room eliminates excess interference during a diagnostic ultrasound.

Our state-of-the-art instrument permits a real-time examination using high-frequency sounds to generate an image of a particular foot or ankle structure. Sound waves are transmitted by a hand-held transducer into the foot or ankle, and the sound waves interact differently with different tissues. Echoes that return to the transducer are processed by a computer and displayed on a screen. The image displayed represents a cross-section of the underlying anatomy, showing boundaries between soft-tissue structures and internal structure that our doctors interpret in preparing their diagnosis.